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We have a fun and exciting new resource for you to REACH OUT and BE the hands and feet of Jesus in your community.  We were going to create a new 'box' to supply you with tools to disciple children in your sphere of influence.  It was fun and awesome, but something just didn't feel right about it.  Our goal is to equip you to disciple kids and we want to reach as many kids as possible, so instead of supplying you with a box, we are going to give you the resources to download for FREE.  
A lot of you walked your kids through our free weekly devotions and lunch box notes last year.  Now, we want you to take what you have learned and use it to disciple the kids in your neighborhood, community, or church.  Living out your faith as a family and pouring into others is the BEST way to show your kids how to follow Jesus.
Who do I do this with?
Small Group Kids/Families
Neighborhood Kids
Families In Your Church
Laundry Love
School Friends
Outreach In Your Community
How does it work?   
Invite a small group of kids or families to meet at your house or location of your choice monthly.  (This is also a great resource for community groups that would like to incorporate family lessons once per month.)  Print these free 5 x 7 invitations on cardstock and drop them in the mail.
People naturally gather around food so we are going to suggest a new 'Party with a Purpose' every month that is centered around a dessert everyone loves.  Our first theme is a fun and messy SMORESparty to learn about the Armor Of God.  Don't have a fireplace or fire-pit?  Make indoor smores in the microwave.  This does not have to be fancy.  This is about gathering, loving, and accepting kids right where they are.  This is about showing up in their lives every month, listening to them, looking into their eyes, and sharing the love of Jesus with them.
We want to get real with each other.  Encourage open and honest conversation.  Make it a safe place for kids to talk about their lives.  Depending the age the of the kids, use the conversation cards you think are appropriate.  Mix in a few fun questions with serious ones.  Allow each child a chance to answer, but don't force it.  We want this to be a comfortable and inviting space.  It may take some time for the kids to open up and be honest.  In the meantime, BE transparent.  Share YOUR answers and your stories.  Print the cards here.
Follow up with the kids and let them know you enjoyed spending time with them and you are praying for them.  Print the FREE 5 x 7 note cards here.
Fun Extra's
BE:COURAGEOUS BANNER Print the DIY Banner here.

Churches, If you like this idea, but need it to correspond with the branding of your ministry, email us here.